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Polymer butt stock spacers. Use when you need to add length to your stock or to change pitch. Available in black unless indicated otherwise.

1/4” positive pitch. Item number 1202 $8.50

1/4” negative pitch. Item number 1203 $8.50

1/2” positive pitch. Item number 1204 $13.00

1/2” negative pitch. Item number 1205 $13.00

1/8” spacer only. Item number 1207 $7.50

1/8” white spacer only. Item number 1208 $7.50

1/4" white spacer only. Item number $8.50

1/4” spacer only. Item number 1209 $8.50

1/2” spacer only. Item number 1211 $13.00


Stock insert. Makes pad easy to change. Stops striped out holes in your stock. comes with two inserts and two mounting screws.

Item number 1922, $6.00


Fuzzy brass snap caps. Cap is machined out of solid brass with screwed in swabs.

Item number 2201,

12 Gauge 2 for $17.50

16 Gauge 2 for $17.50

20 Gauge 2 for $17.50

28 Gauge 2 for $17.50

410 Gauge 2 for 17.50

Pro-Shot Snap Caps. Made of solid brass and should last a long time.

Item number 1534 12 Gauge 2 for $17.50


T&S shell catcher for semi-automatic shotguns

Remington 1100 and 11-87 . Item number 1213 $13.00

Beretta A1-2, A301,A302 and A303. Item number 1214 $13.00

Beretta 391. Item number 1214a $13.00

Browning Gold Item number 1214b $13.00


Carlson speed wrench for choke tubes. Made for all 12 gauge choke tubes.

Item number 1217 $20.00


Graco barrel weight kit. For better control and swing through the target.Ideal for skeet shooters with tube sets. The set includes 4, 6 and 8 oz weights. Fits 12, 20 28 and 410 gauge with included adapters.

Item number 6000 $55.00


Barrel weight clamp with wrench for 12 gauge.

Item number 6001 $22.50


Extra Barrel weights in 2 or 3 oz weights.

Item number 6002 2oz or 6003 3oz $8.75 each


Meadow Industries Mini-Barrel-Buddy weight system. Allows you to select weights between 1 and 5 ounces. Uses double sided tape to fasten to the barrel.

Item number 5010 $30.00 ????

Meadow Industries 3 ounce weight. Attaches to the gun with double sided tape. 

Item number 5011 $30.00 ????

Dead Mule Recoil Reducer
This device contains a weight and spring to ease delivery of the recoil to your shoulder. Place it in the stock in the hole for the stock mounting screw.

Item number 1219 $55.00

Muzzle rest lets you rest your gun weigh on the cement. More comfortable than a gun barrel on your foot. Not visible when sighting. Secure by non-damaging two sided tape. Fits 12 gauge and available in two lengths. Specify for regular or long chokes.

Item number 5002 regular or 5003 long $17.00


Extra 2 sided tape for Barrel Buddy Muzzle Rest.

Item number 5006 $3.95

Extra 2 sided tape for Vari-Brite Sites, Brite-Site-FC and Sight Blinder.

Item number xxxx $2.95

Extra 2 sided tape for Muzzle Rest & Weights 4 oz and less

Item number xxxx $3.95


Vari - Brite - Site III cross fire eliminator holds eye dominance and prevents the non-aiming eye from taking over and seeing the sight; this prevents a cross-firing miss by 6 feet at 35 yards. Many shooters with opposite eye dominance can use Vari-Brite-Site II. Comes with red, green and white light tubes Fastens to barrel with adhesives.

Item number 5000 $30.00


Brite-Site-FC. Comes with red, green and white light tubes Fastens to barrel with adhesives.

Item number 5009 $30.00 ????

Extra sight rod for Vari-Bright Sight II.
Available in red or green.

Item number 5004 $4.95


Sight Blinder crossfire reducer. Use two eyes open and shoot with confidence. Works with regular front bead & fiber-optic sights. Fits all ribs.

Item number 5001 $17.00


Hi Viz shotgun sight. Magnetic, no drilling, taping or sight removal required. Glowing sight gives you a strong image of correct lead. Exclusive bell shaped rod is a light gathering polymer that transmits a glowing image at all light levels. Colors included are fluorescent green, orange, rose and yellow. With instant rod changibility.

Item number 3007-200 fits ribs from .165 inches to .225 inches $23.00

Item number 3007-300 fits ribs from .2187 inches to .3125 inches. $23.00

Item number 3007-400 fits ribs from .326 inches to .445 inches. $23.00

Item number 3007-500 fits ribs from .4375 inches to .5625 inches. $23.00


Light gathering, polymer rod provides an easy to see dot in low light and bright day light. steel base replaces front bead, screws on for secure mount. Includes 8 interchangeable light pipes 3 green, 3 orange and 2 white in 3 diameters. .105 inch, .115 and .130. for competition, law enforcement and field usage. Four mounting screws are supplied to fit nearly all ribs and a carrying case for all the rods.

Contains the following, a 3x35 mounting screw (fits brown target Cicori, Beretta, Benelli, Kregoff, Ruger), 3mmx5 screw (fits Browning gold and Cicori field gun), 3mmx6 (fits Browning Cicori hunter), 540 screw (fits Mossberg), 6x48 screw (fits Remington and SKB sporting model). Note many Remington have press fit front bead, because these guns can not be identified a gun smith is suggested If your gun is not listed it's very likely that one of the supplied screws will fit. If not, see a gun smith. for all current Beretta auto 12 gauge shot guns AL-2, 300, 301, 303, 390 also 20 gauge.

Item number 307COMP $37.95


Convert - A - Stock for adjusting gun fit by adding to comb.

6 hight pads

Item number 1218 $23.95

11 hight pads

Item number 1218b $24.95

Extra stock fasteners

Item number 1218a $3.95


Recoil slip pad. Pad skids forward as stock recoils back. Negligible change to comb height

Item number 5007 $9.95



D & E left hand Palm Swell

Item number 2702 $14.00

D & E right hand Palm Swell

Item number 2703 $14.00

D & E 3/8" Slim sides stick on, Brown or Black

Item number xxxx $28.00

D & E 1/4" Slim sides stick on, Brown or Black

Item number 2708 $24.00

D & E 1/8" Slim sides stick on, Brown or Black

Item number 2710 $24.00


D & E 1/8" Elevator stick on

Item number 2706 $24.00


D & E Left hand extra large palm swell

Item number 2704 $14.00

D & E Right hand extra large palm swell

Item number 2705 $14.00


Kick eez palm swell. Available in left or right handed.

Item number 1907 $10.00


Kick-eez Cheek-eez Softens felt recoil. prevents cheek bruising. Pre cut so just peel and stick. Available in four thickness. Allows fast comb height adjustments on your shotgun or rifle.

Item number (1516) 1/16 inch - $16.00, (1517) 1/8 inch - $16.00, (1518) 3/16 inch - $21.00, (1519) 1/4 inch - $22.00


Stick on comb pad. Available in 1/8” and 1/16”.

Item number 5008 $12.00


Adjustable butt plate. Can be shaped to fit your stock and pad. Allows you to place your pad where you need it. 

Item number 8006 $50.00

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