August 21, 2013 Donna passed away at 10:10pm at a Hospice in Peoria, Arizona. She was in no discomfort up until 1 pm. After that she had some pain that drugs were able to control and she remained alert much of that time. At 5pm, with the pain under control, it was decided to transport her to the Hospice as we were  unsure weather the pain would return and the Hospice would have far better means to control the pain than we had. I have known her for 30 years and she has always been a very good friend and she has left a very large hole in my life. We had expected far more time as the doctor had given her 6 months but we only had a week. The last 8 months have been lived as Donna always wanted to do. She wanted me to attend some of the shoots I never attended and see some of the sights I had not seen. While the chemo treatment did limit some of the activities, I did make the trip and was able to fulfill that wish. I made her final days as happy as I could and Donna was preparing for her daughter's visit which would have happened in two weeks. Donna's ashes will be returned to Oklahoma where she has plot that was purchased before I knew her and where she will be near her daughter. 


August 16, 2013 Donna was diagnosed with incurable cancer last December. The treatment to buy additional time has so depleted her body that she is unable to continue to run the business and fill orders. We are still hopeful that she can have additional time with us and might be able to enjoy it, but the doctors have promised little. We are doing everything we can for her comfort and she currently has little pain, There are a few options we are looking into but the odds are long and the question about the quality of life has to be asked with these options.

We thank the many customers we have known over the years who have brought pleasure to the hours of sitting under the burning sun or in the freezing cold. Donna Enjoyed meeting new people, seeing new places and trying new things so all of the customer have enriched Donna's life. Both of us have many memories from our time on the road and will remember them as long as we live. By being our customer you have made these memories possible and that has been your gift to Donna.

I will keep the web site open for as long as needed and make updates to it should their be any major changes that would be of interest to our customers. The phone number will remain active but due to an infection which is being treated, her voice has been reduced to a whisper. I will try to respond to email when possible but as a caregiver, my time is limited. I will pass any personal emails to Donna as her mind is still sharp and active.

Again, Thank you for what you have done to make this happen.

                                    Partner and Web Master

                                        Dena (the tall skinny one)

We sell trap, skeet and sporting clays shooting accessories and supplies. We are located in Laveen Arizona (near Phoenix) and have been selling shooting accessories to trap shooters around the country as far east as the Grand and as far north as Washington. Because we are trap shooters, we know what the sport requires and what the shooter wants, so we try to carry it. Shooters also have different styles so our stock is provided by several vendors.

We are not able to reach all of the shoots as often as we like so we fill telephone orders. We are not providing on line ordering as it is more costly and we would need to increase prices to cover cost. The on line catalog is not all of our stock and our stock changes regularly. If you need something special, we will try to get it even if it’s something we don’t carry. We may also be able to direct you to a source if we are unable to fill your request.

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Last update of site June 27,2012. The move is complete and as promised, the web site has been updated. 


We carry products from a number of vendors so you have a large selection to chose from. Our products consist of most anything the target shot gun shooter needs other than guns or ammunition. The following provide us with some of the items we carry.

Shooting Accessories

Made with Cordura Nylon

All items are available in the following colors (A) Black (B) Gray (C) Green (D) Blue (E) Burgundy (F) Brown (G) Red (H) Camouflage (I) Fuschia and (J) Purple 

Battenfield Sporting Goods/Nordic Roman

We now produce this product line. Items varies in finish and weight and we can provide some custom alterations on request. Bags and carriers are strong but not highly finished, but personal wear is lighter leather with a high degree of finish. If this are important to you and it is not clear from the photo the type of construction in the item, please ask. 


We don't consider shipping to be a profit center so our shipping charges can vary with different orders. To determine shipping charges, we add the basic shipping fee, $1.00 for handling fees and any additional packaging cost. Some orders will not be charged for packaging fees as we recycle boxes and priority postage includes the shipping package. Most of the time, the United States Postal Service is the best way to ship as it is low cost, fast and can do international shipping as well. Federal Express is more costly but is a good options if speed is needed or if the package is over weight or over sized. If you have questions about shipping, please ask when you place your order.

If you wish to order from us, call us at 


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